Organisation Settings

There are 4 options under the Admin tab:
  • View Settings - which shows you the organisation level settings
  • Update Settings - which allows organisation owners to change the settings
  • Local Grades - which allows organisation owners to zero local grades and shows the status of the system grading and membership lists.
  • Export - which is intended to allow all the information about an organisation to be saved to a file.

Organisation settings

You can view various settings for an organisation under the Admin tab for an organisation. If you have access to change these there will be an Update Settings tab takes you to a page where they can be updated. The settings are split into 4 groups:
  • Admin Details
  • Owners
  • Display
  • Authoring Information

Admin Details

Name of the organisation, for example "Birmingham and District League"
Verify Emails
This option currently has no affect and should be ignored. Its purpose was to send reminder emails informing team captains that a new match result had been entered and that they should verify it.
Auto Locking
This option currently has no affect and should be ignored. Its purpose was to automatically change a fixtures status to Locked - preventing it being changed by the team captains. The organisation owner can do this manually from the fixtures tab.
Unfinished Games
This option indicates how unfinished games are treated. An unfinished game is a game in a fixture that has a result of Adjourned, Adjudication, or no result entered. The options are:
  • Ignore unfinished games. The match score is considered to be made up of those games that have a result (or default).
  • Treat unfinished games as drawn. Each game with no result entered is treated as though it were drawn. Thus for example, in a 3 board match if the result of one board is entered as a win for the home team, and the other games left as no result, or adjournemnt or adjudication then the match score will be considered to be 2 - 1 for purposes of the league table.
  • Assign Match Points if Threshold Passed. If one team has gained enough points to draw the match, then they are given one match point in the league table. If they have gained enough they are given 2 points.
  • Ignore Unfinished Matches. If any game within a match does not have a result specified then the whole match is ignored for purposes of the league table.
Unnamed Default
If an unnamed player is given a default in a match on a board above a named player then this is reported as a violation.
Show Current Grade
Causes the current ECF grade to be shown in brackets when viewing match cards. May be useful if older grades are being used for the league. This setting has 3 options:
  • ECF - show the current ECF grade in backets after the grade being used. This will differ if we are after January but August grades are being used.
  • No - don't show a different grade in brackets.
  • FIDE - show the FIDE rating in brackets after the grade being used.
Grade Limit Option
This setting has 3 options:
  • Use total grade - for any event with a grading limit, match results are checked to see if the total grade is under the limit. If not a violation is reported.
  • Use average grade - for any event with a grading limit, match results are checked to see if the average grade is under the limit. If not a violation is reported .
  • All players under the limit - for any event with a grading limit, match results are checked to see if all players are under the limit. If not a violation is reported .
Team Designation
When creating teams, affects if the default team name is of the form "Club Name A" or "Club Name 1", ie if it is numeric or a letter.
Results Visibility
This option has 3 settings:
  • Normal - anyone can see a match results.
  • Restricted - causes match results to be only visible to logged in users. This option was created for a schools league where individual results are restricted.
  • Only Admin before match time - only the admin can see the match results before the match time. This could so that the match pairings could be entered but not revealed until the match is due to start.
White on odds default
If the first board should default to White on odds at Home or Away.
Select (from the list of organisation users) who will be listed as treasurer in the grading file ( to be billed for game fee by the ECF).
Player List Access
This option controls what access to player lists club owners are allowed. There are 5 levels of access:
  1. Organisation owners only
  2. Club owners can add existing players to lists but not create new players
  3. Club owners can add players to lists and create new players. When creating new players they cannot enter the grading code, grading, and membership fields as this would allow them to create a copy of an existing player.
  4. Club owners can add players to lists, create new players and set local grades. The grade field is only editable if the grading category is blank (eg a newly created player), 'L' a local grade or 'F'.
  5. Club owners can do anything within player lists.
Note that there is one version of a players details per organisation, so the player could have different local grades for example. Access is granted based on the club that is listed on the players details, rather than the list that the player is in, since it is possible for the player to belong to more than one list.
Flag Match Comments
If this box is checked then if anyone enters a comment against a match it appears in the Flagged Matches report. The idea is that the organisation owner can react to the comment and then mark the comments as seen when he has dealt with the issue (if there is one). It can also allow the owner to check for abusive or inappropriate comments.


There are 2 lists of people:
  • Users - The list on the right shows users who are part of the organisation. This determines which users appear in the selection lists for who can be added as an owner.
  • Owners - who are able to do anything in an organisation such as add events and clubs. For someone to enter match results don't add them here - just make them a club owner


This is some text describing the league which will be shown on the home page. A limited list of HTML tags can be used.

Authoring Information

This is only accessible by the ECF administrator. It specifies the owner of the league.

Local Grades

The Remove Local Grades button causes local grades (which override the ECF ones) for players in the organisation to be removed, if they now have an ECF grade.

Previously there was an option here to refresh grades for the League but this has been replaced by having 2 options in the event grading type to use either January or August grades.


The Export Organisation Data button is intended to write all the information in the LMS for an organisation (events, teams, match results etc) to an XML format file. It was written in order to export a league from an older version of the system and import to a newer. It could also be used as a backup or archiving facility for a league no longer needed ( although that would require an import option which does not exist! ) Currently it doesn't output everything and needs to be updated.