Birmingham & District Junior Chess League - Games By Non-ECF Members

NameClubECF CodeMembership No.Number of games
Chinmay MongaKing Edwards School Birmingham281774D3
Rohit KaleKing Edwards School Birmingham287273A5
Haroon MalikKing Edwards School Birmingham302189A3
Shazaib TwaseenKing Edwards School Birmingham307585A3
Qiyuan ChenKing Edwards School Camp Hill Birmingham292790B2
Sarvesh RajdevQMGS Walsall297645G5
Dhiren BahiaQMGS Walsall301292L8
Chirag GuhaBishop Veseys GS291206F4
Devesh AggarwalKing Edwards School Camp Hill Birmingham292605C2
Rahul GhoshKing Edwards School Birmingham309887E4
Madhini SivakumarKing Edwards High School Birmingham307126B2
Aparna ChagantiKing Edwards High School Birmingham301513A3
Amelia BrunningKing Edwards High School Birmingham2
Hemal AggarwalKing Edwards School Camp Hill Birmingham292606E3
Viswamedha NalabotuKing Edwards School Camp Hill Birmingham306580H3
Astrid GibaraKing Edwards School Five Ways Birmingham304510K2
Abu-Bakr AhmedQMGS Walsall307622C2
Amaron BhattiQMGS Walsall302275E7
Jeevan GeorgeQMGS Walsall4
Adam NazaraliSolihull School3
Ned GoodmanSolihull School3
Anton DeinekaSolihull School3
James PartridgeSolihull School3
Andrew FennWolverhampton Grammar School297409F3
Raajan ChahalWolverhampton Grammar School3
Arjun PammaWolverhampton Grammar School3
Ameen MahmoodQMGS Walsall5
Jagpreet SohalQMGS Walsall5
Arjun SandhuQMGS Walsall1
Amrit SinghQMGS Walsall6
Mohammud FurshudQMGS Walsall2
Dylan KhangureQMGS Walsall2
Ayan ParkarQMGS Walsall4
Abrar HassanKing Edwards School Birmingham1
Ruben VorsterBishop Veseys GS4
Hei To HoBishop Veseys GS2
Amarr SyedKing Edwards School Birmingham2
Minghan ZengKing Edwards School Birmingham2
Tighe CrookBishop Veseys GS2
Anmol GuptaKing Edwards School Five Ways Birmingham1
Prasanna SivakumarKing Edwards School Camp Hill Birmingham301176J3
Arjun PanditKing Edwards School Camp Hill Birmingham309603J2
Adam JawaadQMGS Walsall4
Ansh AgrawalKing Edwards School Birmingham309585LME0014382
Rajat GoyalKing Edwards School Birmingham315588C1
Ojas MishraKing Edwards School Birmingham302582C2
Gokulkrishna SivakumarKing Edwards School Birmingham307125L2
Surya PrasannaKing Edwards School Birmingham307580BME0152312
Sanam ChawlaKing Edwards School Birmingham283539D2
Avanish TiwariKing Edwards School Five Ways Birmingham304417J2
Aroun KalyanaKing Edwards School Birmingham276771F1
Matthew LoKing Edwards School Birmingham294668D2
Advait KuraviKing Edwards School Birmingham2
Varun LattheKing Edwards School Birmingham306812C2
Nethmin SeniveratneBishop Veseys GS2
Hugo MartinBishop Veseys GS2
Kiran JindalKing Edwards School Birmingham2
Esa YaqoobKing Edwards School Birmingham307533D7
Sachchit MukherjeeKing Edwards School Birmingham2
Jaden JayaprabuKing Edwards School Birmingham4
Muhammed-Ali ZahidKing Edwards School Camp Hill Birmingham1
Aaryan SinghKing Edwards School Birmingham299126DME0000761

Based on membership list date Wed 23rd October 2019 . Note this could mean the report is not accurate for games played prior to the start of membership (September) and after the June grading cut off.