Latest Updates

Updates September 17th 2019

  • Cat included when showing ECF grade in brackets after grade in match card.
  • Local option removed from 'show current grade' at organisation as it didn't make sense any more and nobody is using it and it had a bug.
  • bug fix - fixture generation - club venue not available not working.
  • bug fix - prevent sort of player list by the delete column.
  • bug fix - delete player was not working.
  • bug fix - if deleting a player, link to events they had games in was wrong.
  • bug fix - clear event fixtures cache when updating a fixture.

Updates September 2nd 2019Updates September ?nd 2019

  • Cat included when showing ECF grade in brackets after grade in match card.
  • Local option removed from 'show current grade' at organisation as it didn't make sense anymore and nobody is using it and it had a bug.
  • bug fix - fixture generation - club venue not available not working.
  • bug fix - prevent sort of player list by the delete column.
  • bug fix - delete player was not working.
  • bug fix - if deleting a player, link to events they had games in was wrong.
  • bug fix - clear event fixtures cache when updating a fixture.
  • Admin sub-tab of Admin renamed to Organisation for clarity.
  • Remove fixture revisions option, since it doesn't do anything.
  • Remove sort by bonus points for winning team and instead rename the Two Matches option to Special fixture Options with a setting for bonus.
  • In Swiss Individual Standings table, link round heading to the pairings.
  • In fixture generation, save the date when checking fixtures or showing constraints.
  • prevent users who don't have access from entering information in the fixture generation dates fields.
  • bug fix - adjustment field getting set to 0 when edit match again.
  • bug fix - don't initialise event name with leading space.
  • bug fix - make sure league table has at least one sort option.
  • bug fix - only use local rapid play rating if greater than zero in match card drop downs.
  • bug fix - when using the 2 matches option for the Birmingham league, any win by default in match one was erroneously reported as a violation.
  • bug fix - Individual Swiss Standings table sometimes showing - instead of 0
  • bug fix - If using the option on a match card to show the local grade in brackets, it add up the total grade wrong.
  • bug fix - player view option not showing rapidplay grade correctly.
  • bug fix - games played by non-members report was not showing those with only ECF supporter status.
  • bug fix - fixture generation avoiding dates in other leagues wasn't working.
  • bug fix - free text field contents not being shown for events.

Updates August 11th 2019

  • New ability to select which league table columns you want - select event, settings.
  • Updates to underliying tables to improve performance and save space.
  • Invidiual events standings now have - or blank instead of zero for unplayed matches.
  • Now possible for the admin to update the winner in a league match
  • bug fix - late matches report wasn't working.
  • bug fix - non-member report wasn't working.
  • bug fix - un-dated match report not showing postponed matches.
  • Bug fix - date when local grades last zeroed wasn't being updated.

Updates July 17th 2019

  • Change to underlying fixture tables to save space and improve performance.
  • Security updates.
  • Show time a match was verified on the match card.
  • Bug fix - match date on press report was wrong.
  • Bug fix - club secretary selector had stopped working
  • Bug fix - mass emails of club secretaries had stopped working
  • Bug fix - copy season wasn't creating events properly causing it to not remember the player list for individual events or the league table order for team events.

Updates June 4th 2019

  • Show FIDE data load status on Local Grades tab.
  • Help updates
  • bug fix - error message if player has no first name in grading list.
  • bug fix - time link on main fixtures tab wrong.
  • bug fix - link off no date matches to match was wrong.
  • bug fix - error message when copying season if team to avoid does not exist.
  • Bug fix - stop error message for PGN where player name is blank.
  • protect against errors due to invalid urls.
  • protect against attempts to view non-existant players.

Updates May 23rd 2019

  • Bug fix - error messages when viewing ungraded players
  • Bug fix - fixture delete button not working correctly
  • Bug fix - club player stats PDF and Excel not formatted correctly

Updates May 21st 2019

  • Fixture Edit tab renamed to Settings and time popup selector added.
  • Time defaults to 19:30 when adding a new fixture.
  • Clubs listed alphabetically in admin club status list.
  • Filter on completed fixtures added to main fixture tab.
  • Popup to edit all play all result from standings now includes date.
  • Admin/Local grades tab now shows when membership and grades last loaded.
  • View of player from player list now shows membership and grades.
  • Bug fix - html in time column when getting Excel from main fixtures tab.

Updates May 15th 2019

  • bug fix - database field storing event grading code not large enough so increased to 10 chars.

Updates April 27th 2019

  • games played by non-members shows those with greater than 3 games in bold.
  • status box formatted as a table and queries cached to speed up load.
  • Bug fix - stop truncation of team name in event players stats.
  • Bug fix - game fee status now links to correct report.

Updates April 3rd 2019

  • All play all individual tournaments results can be updated via a link from the standings.
  • New option to generate the pairings for individual all play all.
  • Player stats now sortable ( event, club, team)
  • Some date formats changed with aim of standardizing on Tuesday 2nd Apr 2019
  • New report showing players with no grade or CAT F.
  • New lines in the status block on the organisation home page showing number of players with no grade or CAT F and number of players who will owe game fee.
  • Bug fix - sorting club player stats by organisation now works.

Updates March 2nd 2019

  • League table shows points in bold.
  • If using August grades, and no august grade, then use Jan grade.
  • If using option to check average grade of players in a match, only use the grades of those who actually played (ie ignore defaults)
  • ECF grading code for event remembered.
  • August grade column added to player list.
  • Bug fix - player stats putting brackets in name into team column.
  • Event Edit Tab replaced by Settings and re-written.
  • System changes affecting clubs and player lists and access.
  • Date added to players games report and PDF/Excel option
  • Late matches report changed so it starts with yesterdays matches not todays
  • Bug fix - club player stats was showing multiple rows for players in different organisations. Now added an organisation column.
  • The Contact Organisation Owner link is now available to users who are not logged in. Users not logged will have to answer a simple chess question (to deter spammers). This is because people without logins sometimes have legitimate reasons to contact leagues.

Updates January 25th 2019

  • January grades loaded
  • New option for specifying how league table is sorted at event level superceeding the setting at organisation level which will be removed. Allows league table to be sorted by various different things in event defined order.
  • bug fix - match card sometimes showing incorrect cat when using latest grades.
  • Player grading column renamed to local grade for clarity.???
  • ECF administrator can change a clubs name to be different from the grading system.
  • bug fix - refresh fixture list when deleting a fixture.
  • change link in status emails to he https so you don't need to login again.
  • bug fix - club owner/contact settings on user lms tab were not correct.
  • bug fix - include wins by default 1-0(def) in individual event standings.
  • bug fix - in player grade performance estimate don't use CAT * grades and don't apply the 40 point rule to ungraded players.

Updates December 31st 2018

  • Latest grades loaded.
  • Security upgrade to underlying drupal.
  • Colour change so that large individual all play all events and league cross tables display properly.
  • Allow larger penalties to be applied to matches (even lets you have negative scores if you really want! )
  • Don't show average or total grading limit exceeded message for individual events.
  • Include individual events in the ecf non-members report.
  • Bug fix - store correct results date for add board in match card.
  • Bug fix - grading file generation cufoff date looks at individual results date, rather than match date.

Updates November 6th 2018

  • Bug Fix - player grade for players without grading code match link was wrong.
  • Bug fix - 1970s dates in grading file.

Updates November 3rd 2018

  • Bug Fix - error message from individual standings if there was a default
  • Breadcrumb - showing where you are in the header,

Updates October 31st 2018

  • Ensure generated fixtures have zero time (ie midnight).
  • Make time in edit fixtures and fixture lists a link to fixture edit.
  • If there is a time after the date when loading fixtures from file then set it.
  • If fixtures generated with no dates then when setting a date, default to today.
  • Add PDF link to the league table from event.
  • Make team name a mandatory field then adding a new team.
  • A date may be supplied for each game in individual event.
  • Show teams on event player stats
  • don't report a violation for missing results in individual events.
  • Show opponent and colour on individual event standings.
  • Round up the average grade so that it correctly reflects what will happen if an average grading limit is exceeded in a match.
  • Bug fix - example API javascript function in help.
  • Bug fix - help organisation setup file not showing from help menu.
  • Rename Admin/Refresh Grades to Local Grades as it doesn't refresh any more.
  • Bug fix - error when sorting the locally graded players report.
  • When adding a new event, restrict the season to active or new seasons.
  • When viewing a player details, clarify the purpose of the club setting.
  • Add link to getting started help from front page.
  • As postponed link removed when viewing match card. Fixtures should now be marked postponed via the Edit tab.
  • Put date into PDF / XL match card.

Updates October 16th 2018

  • Currently the match time shown in the fixture list is taken from the home club. This can cause problems where a club plays in more than one league, and so it is now possible to specify a time for an individual fixture. This is done by selecting the event, then Edit fixtures, then Edit.
  • Improve view player
  • Bug fix - match card verifier was not being removed when match result changed.
  • Player lists to show both standard and rapid grade cat, with the local cat L grade if it exists.

Updates October 2nd

  • Latest grades loaded.

Updates September 26th

  • Redirect logins to https for greater security

Updates September 13th 2018

  • Change loading of ecf membership file to cope with new format membership numbers.
  • Add lms tab on user to show what access they have. ECF Admin can look at other peoples
  • Bug fix - players grade was showing wrong games for un-graded players
  • Limit list of teams to avoid in fixture generation to active seasons.

Updates September 7th 2018

  • Change fixture generation "teams to avoid" to list teams from the same club but also including teams in different leagues.
  • Add a question to the contact form to try and prevent SPAM.

Updates September 3rd 2018

  • Bug fix to fixture load - was sometimes getting a team from a different division if they have the same name.
  • Bug fix - error message when updating indvidual results.
  • help page updates.

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