North Staffs & District Chess Association Miscellaneous Events - New Players

Pick which of the below players in the ECF list is: Louis Baker

NameGradeSexECF CodeClub
Baker, Laura0F160792Basingstoke Juniors
Baker, Laura0F201769Solihull Youth
Baker, Leslie WD158M208199Cavendish
Baker, Larry0M230157Norfolk Schools
Baker, L0255037Gillingham & Shaftesbury
Baker, Liam0258199Kent Junior Congresses
Baker, Lee AH0M263566Carlisle Austin Friars
Baker, Luke0290302Herefordshire Junior
Baker, Lawrence0M305055Oxfordshire Juniors
Baker, Lohan0M310062Oxfordshire Juniors
Baker, Lana0329099Greater Manchester Juniors
Baker, Lawrence0329677Oxford Schools
Baker, Lucas145M330925United States
Baker, Luke0M331204Walton on Thames *
Baker, Louis M328120Newcastle-under-Lyme