Crusaders C v Great Lever B

Division B Thu 13th Feb 2020
BoardHomeCrusaders CGreat Lever BAway
1 (B) 137B
Williamson, Ian
0 - 1
Jardine, Chris
2 (W) 127E
Gaston, Dave
½ - ½
Crowther, Andrew
3 (B) 100L
Regan, Martin jnr
1 - 0
Patel, Parshottambhi D
4 (W) 130*
Sutton, Ronnie
0(def) - 1
Byrne, Tony
5 (B) 076D
Crook, Harrison
1 - 0
Davies, Brian
Total5702½ - 2½Total575

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Board 4 Crusaders new player, Ronnie Sutton, lost because his mobile phone rang during play. League rules apparently. Seems harsh, needs discussing at AGM.

It is disappointing that some players and some captains are unaware of the rules of chess. According to the rules of the CLL FIDE laws of chess apply (excluding rule G.4 concerning 5 second increments with less than 2 minutes remaining) In this instance not only did the 'phone ring but it was answered and a conversation took place on it at the board.
I believe that the CLL rules would also include rules not to distract or annoy your opponent in any manner? Ronnie on three occasions started his opponents clock but he didn't make his move on the board, on four occasions he spoke to his opponent while it was his opponents turn to move, and one time to offer a draw while his opponents clock was running.
Rules are not in the least "harsh" they are necessary. If we can choose which rules we don't want then I'd quite like not to lose when my flag drops.

I have no problem with the ruling! People will just have to get used to it.
It has been the rule at congresses for a few years now.
It can be very annoying for everyone else.
Having said that, I would not claim the game myself!