Lancaster, Morecambe and district League - Games By Non-ECF Members

NameClubECF CodeMembership No.Number of games
Brian CornishLancaster1666533
Richard A CollinsMorecambe18157810
Jonathan VerdenLancaster30603711
David Fatkin3177072
Yasmin GilesLancaster University26836810
Emilio MolinaLancaster University3148282
Norman T BladeMorecambe1068535
Carl HealdMorecambe1124186
Glenn L HouseMorecambe1130546
Sean ParkerMorecambe2636236
Gary BennettMorecambe2721605
Donald Wood1305761
John DobsonKendal1097394
Martyn J HarrisKendal1121785
Joshua HiggsLancaster University6
Holden DavisLancaster University7
David AtkinsonBare Village5
Danny McMenaminLancaster10
Conor J NorrisLancaster University2
Moe Ben RashedLancaster University13
Kaloyon TodorajLancaster University2
Shauli BleichLancaster University2
Enzo BertoliLancaster University3
David Atkinson7
Jon DuckhamKendal4
Robin BW MossMorecambe2
Graham BrookBare Village9
Roger BerrymanKendal2
John BeckettLancaster2787553
Lukas ZierahnLancaster University3
Vents RadevLancaster University1

Based on membership list date Sun 25th July 2021 . Note this could mean the report is not accurate for games played prior to the start of membership (September) and after the June grading cut off.