Results for the Suspended 2019-20 Season

The league AGM decided that the final standings in all team tournaments should be decided by ordering teams in terms of the percentage of available points scored by each team. Competition winners can be seen on the league's Honours List. Promotions and relegations will not be effective.

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BACL Bonus Point
The bonus point is not added within result of individual fixtures. It is added to points total in the league tables.

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Latest Results

Cambridge Masters  1½ - 2½  Ely Beet Gargoyles  Wed 26th Feb 2020
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Linton Larks  1½ - 2½  Linton Lorikeets  Tue 28th Jan 2020
Board 4 for Linton Larks was Cailynn Jones (Junior Female) grade e70
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Bury St Edmunds Vipers  3 - 1  Ely Beet Rooks  Thu 12th Mar 2020
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Cambridge Gowns  3 - 1  Linton Lions  Wed 11th Mar 2020
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