Division 2 - Player Stats

NamePerformanceTeamScoreGamesIncluding Defaultssort descendingExcluding Defaults
Andriessen, Gary R 544 Pawnbrokers11100%100%
Moyers, Zoe 471 Stroud Otters11100%100%
Chirilov, Ciprian 535 Forest of Dean33100%100%
Carey, Alex 460 Stroud Otters22100%100%
Caterer, Jim A 524 Gloucester B11100%100%
James, Andrew E 535 Gloucester B22100%100%
Phillips, David H 536 Pawnbrokers11100%100%
Brown, Graham K 406 Stroud Otters6785.71%85.71%
Markham, Phil 414 Stroud Otters6785.71%85.71%
Reekie-Black, Matthew 383 Stroud Otters383.33%83.33%
Ponce Rueda, Jordi 363 Wotton Hall B778.57%78.57%
Barks, Paul E 295 Wotton Hall B275%75%
Hammond, Matthew 305 Gloucester B81172.73%72.73%
Francis, Joel 282 Stroud Otters570%70%
Neville, Graham D 279 Stroud Otters4666.67%66.67%
Lightowler, John 250 Gloucester B6966.67%66.67%
Beaty, Jim 284 Pawnbrokers2366.67%66.67%
Wingrove, Dave R 234 Cirencester A2366.67%66.67%
Bush, Stephen 232 Cirencester A5862.5%62.5%
West, Richard J 211 Stroud Otters3560%60%
Hope, Alex 196 Wotton Hall B1159.09%59.09%
Gudgeon-Osterritter, Tim P 191 Gloucester B658.33%58.33%
Bending, Peter R 164 Pawnbrokers5955.56%55.56%
Ashworth, Robert 187 Wotton Hall B61154.55%54.55%
Vaughan, David O 142 Forest of Dean2450%50%
Mann, Clint P 129 Forest of Dean2450%50%
Gibson, Andrew 126 Stroud Otters350%50%
Alba Fernandez, Nicolas 145 Gloucester B1250%50%
Idris, Magdi 126 Gloucester B350%50%
Ho, Chung W 125 Cirencester A750%50%
Malan, Chris ND 140 Cirencester A ½150%50%
Southcott-Moyers, Indy 121 Stroud Otters1250%50%
Haynes, Chris 101 Stroud Otters ½150%50%
Lacey, David 141 Cirencester A350%50%
Wilden, Rob E 139 Stroud Otters3650%50%
Gittins, Joshua 150 Gloucester B750%50%
Baker, Patrick 104 Gloucester B1045%45%
Richards, Alun 108 Pawnbrokers1045%45%
Venkatanarayanan, Siddharth 53 Wotton Hall B1140.91%40.91%
Francis, Raymond N 45 Forest of Dean2540%40%
Blencowe, Ian P 33 Wotton Hall B437.5%37.5%
Holtz, Steve -26 Pawnbrokers437.5%37.5%
Bendall, Kevin N 34 Wotton Hall B3837.5%37.5%
Whitelaw, Barry 38 Forest of Dean3837.5%37.5%
Whitehead, Steve 37 Cirencester A735.71%35.71%
Andriessen, Ronald C 8 Pawnbrokers1035%35%
Webster, Ian -51 Forest of Dean2728.57%28.57%
Gathern, Simon -41 Forest of Dean2728.57%28.57%
Dyer, Steve J -45 Pawnbrokers927.78%27.78%
Sida, Richard -87 Gloucester B ½225%25%
Sleggs, John H -56 Cirencester A2825%25%
Norris, Tony C -65 Forest of Dean625%25%
Pilkington, Anthony W -120 Cirencester A1520%20%
Burrows, John S -121 Pawnbrokers ½316.67%16.67%
Taylor, Geoffrey P -282 Gloucester B010%0%
Jenkins, Ian D -277 Forest of Dean020%0%
Higuera, Paul -265 Cirencester A010%0%
Jewell, Frank -300 Wotton Hall B010%0%
Gallagher, Michael -295 Forest of Dean050%0%
Cooper, Paul -276 Forest of Dean010%0%