1st Club KO Blitz

TextThere is an exciting new development at CCC which offers the chance of fame, silver and immortality to the winner of a new competition.

Well, when I say silver I mean there is a trophy to be won and it is silver-coloured (note for the record not silver or even silver-plated).

But the chance of chess "immortality" and fame are real enough because the winners name will be inscribed on the trophy at the end of the season!

The Knock Out (KO) competition is totally separate to the Rapid Play Competition.

The KO competition games will be played after the Rapid Play competition and in the other larger room to avoid disturbing any remaining Rapid Play matches.

The KO competition round one will start on 11 October. The players need to play their match by the end of October.

If there is a draw then the game needs to be replayed (and the players swap colour).

Those winning will advance into the quarter finals round to be played during November.

Any member of CCC may enter.

The KO games will give each player 10 minutes plus 5 seconds per move on the clock.

For each pairing the decision on who plays White will be determined by a contest of "rock scissors paper" immediately before the game begins. If any Senior is sad enough not to know the rules of "rock, scissors, paper" then they should ask a Junior!
Event Name1st Club KO Blitz
Season NameSeason 2019
Event TypeIndividual unstructured
Player ListCrowborough
Event Order0
HandicapNo handicap
Special Rules - fixture is1 match
Number of boards8
Grade Limit0
Grading Code
Primary Grading TypeUngraded
Grade in brackets in match ViewECF Standard Old 3 digit
Sent for rating asNot sent for rating
ECF Members OnlyN