Walsall Kipping v Lichfield

Withnall Trophy Thu 12th Mar 2020
BoardHomeWalsall Kipping Lichfield Away
1 (B) 099D (97E)
Bailes, Aaron
0 - 1
Fone, David W
119A (117B)
2 (W) 096A (91B)
Moore, Kevin J
½ - ½
Hall, R Arthur
110B (95B)
3 (B) 088A (98B)
Nixon, Peter
0 - 1
Fryer, John E
109A (105A)
4 (W) 085B (96B)
Johal, Amrissa Kaur
0 - 1
Biles, Fred
099A (93A)
Average92 ½ - 3½Average110

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For some reason 2 registered players are not on the site.
Aaron Bailes played board 1 ( he has a grade of 99).
Amrissa Johal played board 4 (she has a grade of 85).
Walsall Kipping lost the game , good luck to Lichfiteld.

Walsall boards 1 and 4 have named players, they just were not in the database so isn't the correct description "not named", not default?

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This often happens when a player hasn't played in a particular competition before. I have now added then to the list of players and updated the match score card.