A reminder re Defaults; the player defaulting should be put down as Default, but their "opponent" as Not Named; the result should be entered as e.g. 1-0 (def) not as 1-0

Please remember to record the colours accurately for the Rapidplay matches; the default colour choice is incorrect for the second games

The latest version of the MCF Constitution, League & Match Rules, and Memoranda, are on the 3Cs website along with the latest Registration lists via the following link https://www.3cschessclub.com/ManchstrLge

Team Captains are politely reminded that all Players should read the "Code of Conduct for Players" before their first match, and abide by it before, during and after all MCF fixtures.

Clubs are asked to do their best to fulfil all their fixtures. Not being able to field one's best team is not a valid reason for postponing or defaulting a match. When a team is unable to fulfil a fixture, or is unable to field a full team, it is courteous to inform and apologise to the opposing club with as much notice as possible. (The MCF Fixtures Memorandum).

Please address all fixtures queries, issues etc to the MCF Fixtures Secretary Elliott Barnett, preferably by email.

Enjoy your chess!

Latest Results

3Cs 6  8 - 0  Bolton 6  Wed 8th May 2024
Although this match may be rearranged, the original fixture was cancelled by Bolton but wh
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Great Lever 1  3½ - 2½  Swinton & Worsley 2  Thu 23rd May 2024
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Urmston 2  3½ - 2½  Chorlton 4  Thu 23rd May 2024
Board 1 was the last game to finished Thanks to chorlton 4 for giving us a game and we
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3Cs 6  1 - 7  Ashton 3  Wed 22nd May 2024
Well played to the Ashton team and on winning the division.
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