15th May 2024 by Russell Cowell - End of Season Closure of Current Season
Please be advised that, in order to prepare for the new season, all data relating to season 2023/2024 will be archived. Previous season data will still be available but will be read only and can no longer be added to or changed so will, in effect, be closed. The closure of the LMS season is expected to occur in the first week of June. Therefore, anything that that needs to be added to the system or any changes made, will need to be completed by the 31st May 2024. Please ensure that all activity is concluded by this date.

29th January 2024 by Russell Cowell - Missing Players
There are currently 3 results entered where a "New Player" has been entered but the player who is the new player has not been identified.
The games are:
Liverpool 4 v Liverpool 5, MCA Division 3, Tue 19th Sep 2023
Southport Juniors v Atticus Knights, MCA Division 4, Tue 16th Jan 2024
Hoylake 6000 v Aigburth 6000, MCA U6000, Tue 10th Oct 2023
Obviously, the players who played in this game wont have their match graded unless the correct player is entered.
Can captains please go to the results and add a comment about who the missing player is please. I will then update the result to the correct player.

10th January 2024 by Russell Cowell - ECF Membership
You will be aware that it is requirement that players who play in the Merseyside League should be registered with the ECF. There are currently a significant number of players that are not registered with the ECF. If, at the end of the season, players have not registered themselves with the ECF, the ECF will then invoice the MCA to pay the registration costs for the member. These costs will then be passed onto the clubs. Clubs will need to then make arrangements to recover the money from the individual concerned.
You are also advised that this includes any game that falls within the catchment of the MCA, which would include recorded internal competitions.
The list of individuals that are not registered is here:
The ECF rules relating to ECF membership are here:
Can everyone please review the list and make arrangements for the individual to register with the ECF.

2nd January 2024 by Russell Cowell - Knotty Ash Cup Grading Limits
With the cup competitions starting, it is worth re-iterating the grading rules for entry into the Knotty Ash Cup.
In order for a player to be eligibile for the Knotty Ash Cup, they shall have a grade that does not exceed 1700. This will be a normal grade that is issued by the the ECF at the beginning of September, so a player who is graded exactly 1700 is eligible to play.
Where a player is ungraded or has a provisional grade (as allocated by the ECF and denoted by a "P" on the end of their grade), captains should refer to the controller for any player who has not previously been given a local grade. The controller for the Knotty Ash Cup is Tom Webb, who can be contacted here

30th October 2023 by Russell Cowell - Hoylake 1
Please note that Hoylake 1 have withdrawn their team from Division 1. This means there will be no matches involving Hoylake 1 in that division. If you are due to play Hoylake 1 in Division 1 of the Merseyside League, at some point in the future, the game will no longer go ahead.
This is only applicable to the team in Division 1 of the Merseyside League. Other competitions are not affected.

4th October 2023 by Russell Cowell - 6000 and 7200 Upper Grading Limits
Captains are reminded that there are upper grading limits for eligibility to play in the 6000 and in the 7200 leagues.
For the 6000 league, no player may play if their grade is above 1700.
For the 7200 league, no player may play if their grade is above 2000.

9th September 2023 by Russell Cowell - 6000 and 7200 Default Grades
Captains are reminded that there are minimum grades for both the 6000 and 7200 competitions of 1300 and 1600 respectively. If you select a player whose grade is below the default grade then the players grade will be set to the default grade. Captains should take account of this when calculating the team total. This means that 1300 and 1600 are are minimum grades of all players in those competitons regardless of their actual grade.

7th September 2023 by Russell Cowell - Competition Controllers
Competition Controller for Division 4 has now been confirmed. Competition Controllers for all competitions are as follows:
Division 1 - Davie Whitby
Division 2 - Tom Webb
Division 3 - Peter Jenner
Division 4 - Phil Ramsey
7200 League - Dave Whitby
6000 League - Steve Kee
John Ripley and Knotty Ash Cup - Tom Webb
Controllers can be contacted via the contact page

24th July 2023 by Russell Cowell - Introduction of Incremental Time Controls
A change in the rules for season 2023/2024 means that Divisions 1 and Division 2 will play be played under a default increment time control of 80 mins + 10 secs. Players in these divisions may still play under the previous time control of 90 mins + 0 secs, by mutual agreement. All other competitions will have the default non-increment time control of 90 mins + 0 secs.

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