Frankie Badacsonyi

Games (Standard Rate)

Trevor BatesW115Muswell Hill 1 v Ealing 1Division OneMiddlesex League
James LyonsW140Harrow 1 v Muswell Hill 1Division OneMiddlesex League
David JR WalkerD72Muswell Hill 2 v Harrow 2Division ThreeMiddlesex League
Domenico N NapolitanoL103Hendon 4 v Muswell Hill 2Division ThreeMiddlesex League
Noah ShapiroL137Muswell Hill 2 v Hendon 5Division ThreeMiddlesex League
Benjamin PortheaultD127Muswell Hill 2 v Hammersmith 3Division ThreeMiddlesex League
Faye AinscowW121Muswell Hill 2 v Hendon 4Division ThreeMiddlesex League
Savas Marin StoicaD99Hendon 5 v Muswell Hill 2Division ThreeMiddlesex League
William KW KwohL111Muswell Hill 2 v Kings Head 2Division ThreeMiddlesex League
Current Grade = 140, Estimated performance on these games = 117.1. NOTE: This estimate is not from the grading system and should not be used as a grade!