The Bury and Rochdale League run two divisions both longplay and rapidplay played over 4 boards. The rapidplay league where players play their opponents twice on the night with 30 minutes each on the clock, over 4 boards.

Captains to announce before the match starts that all players must switch off their phones!
Longplay time control:
80 mins plus 15 seconds a move or if juniors are playing:
60 mins plus 15 seconds a move.

B Division teams of 4 players to not exceed maximum total of ecf 500 points. Ungraded players count as ecf 125.


Season 2011-2012
Season 2012-2013
Season 2013-2014
Season 2014-2015
Season 2015-2016
Season 2016-2017
Season 2017-2018
Season 2018-2019 - A Division/ B Division/ A Div Rapidplay/ B Div Knockout

Latest Results

Heywood A  1 - 3  Blue Club (Oldham) A  Wed 4th Dec 2019
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Heywood C   ½ - 3½  Bury  Wed 4th Dec 2019
new player for Heywood was Rohan Muthu new player for Bury was Daniel Smitil
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Blue Club (Oldham) A  4 - 0  Tameside A  Mon 2nd Dec 2019
Blue Club Bd.1 player is Matt Smith
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Heywood C  1 - 3  Heywood B  Wed 27th Nov 2019
New players for the C team board 2 was Conrad Fielding, board 4 was Shaun Woodbridge For
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