Nottinghamshire Chess Association - New Players

These players have no ECF code specified, or the ECF code they have is not valid (possibly it has changed). Pick to search for them in the ECF list

NameECF CodePlayer List
Richard FranklandGrantham
Imran Chaudhry321865Grantham
Nasir Chaudhry321866Grantham
Theo FosterNomads (Notts)
Haroon MajeedNomads (Notts)
A SureshNomads (Notts)
Agappan EgappanNomads (Notts)
Shri AlurkarEast Midlands Chess
Aqil AhmedEast Midlands Chess
Rishi AlurkarEast Midlands Chess
Liam ConnollyWest Bridgford
Tomas Matthews-Asensio310171West Nottingham
Gavin DowRadcliffe & Bingham
Philip ErentzRadcliffe & Bingham
Adam HartshorneRadcliffe & Bingham
David Gillespie320611Nottingham Universit
Adam LilleyNottingham Universit
Ray GarnerNottingham Universit
Marcos Lopez LemaNottingham Universit
George WadeNottingham Universit
Nikos MargaritisNottingham Universit
Dylan WinkworthNottingham Universit
Thomas CotterNottingham Universit
Zwe W Y SoeNottingham Universit
Dimitra AmiridouNottingham Universit
Axel BureniusNottingham Universit
Adam Spencer320602
Andrew Stevens