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The content of the League Management System now replaces much of what was previously held on the main NSDCA website, which now becomes just news based.

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Latest Results

Holmes Chapel Rooks  1½ - 3½  Crewe ‘B’  Thu 27th Feb 2020
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Crewe Perry 'B'  2½ - 1½  Crewe Perry 'A'  Wed 26th Feb 2020
Well done to every player from Crewe. Young and old, new and experienced. Four very intere
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Alsager  2 - 2  Fenton  Tue 25th Feb 2020
Fenton win on board count.
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Crewe 'F'  4 - 0  Crewe 'E'  Wed 22nd Jan 2020
well done to all.
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