Mid-Sussex League - Games By Non-ECF Members

NameClubECF CodeMembership No.Number of games
Duncan R BadhamLewes164141E8
Barry MaufeLewes194119H5
James PullanLewes266934B3
Laurence A ButtEastbourne107815L10
Douglas W StevensonEastbourne119705J8
Stephen BaldwinEastbourne151264L5
Martin LubbockEastbourne266181A4
Matthew PannettEastbourne282355L6
Gregory F ChandlerHastings & St Leonards155452K3
Vivian J ColeHaywards Heath108592L6
David C CurtisHaywards Heath109232H12
Graham EwensHaywards Heath140292E7
Martin J RaymentHaywards Heath266939A3
Louis W WigleySussex University315426K1
Brian StockhamUckfield270393C10
Michael StockhamUckfield272832B8
Simon McDonaldUckfield277931G8
Artur MieczkowskiUckfield281784G9
Benedict WeisUckfield300969F7
Robert A DavidsonWoodpushers (Sussex)156333G2
Lucy HopkirkCrowborough302464H2
Benjamin PearceCrowborough316941J3
Izzy BruceCollyers VI FC320707K2
Adam PalmerCollyers VI FC320711A4
Oliver ChristianUckfield317842A5
Charlotte RobsonUckfield314164A2
Joseph CL SharpBexhill241458C1
Vojta Dvoracek Sussex University000000a0000001
Richard Slade Horsham000000a000000a1
Isaac Caiger SmithSussex University000000a000000a1
Justin BaileyUckfield313933F1
Freddie DayUckfield312473D1
Cillian NagyEast Grinstead Bookshop312311L4
Attila SzaszCollyers VI FC000000a2
S MerchantBexhill000000a2
David SlidelBexhill297381K1
Tony DemarcoBexhill326660G1
Mike ReynoldsBexhill265463F1
Peter WestonLewes283497C1
Magi ClaveSussex University316970E2
Ian ArchboldUckfield320703B4
James HansonUckfield320710K1
Ian J PhilipsonUckfield170199L4
Harry HaynesUckfield312384E1
Zachary WebberEast Grinstead Bookshop312464C1
Palitha SB KonaraCrowborough320279D1

Based on membership list date Fri 28th February 2020 . Note this could mean the report is not accurate for games played prior to the start of membership (September) and after the June grading cut off.