Mid-Sussex League - Games By Non-ECF Members

NameClubECF CodeMembership No.Number of games
Stephen D BlewittBexhill106893D1
Henry CoveHastings & St Leonards190922J2
Derek CosensHastings & St Leonards247569J2
David C CurtisHaywards Heath109232H1
David N RobertsHorsham118013H1
Simon McDonaldUckfield277931G1
Artur MieczkowskiUckfield281784G2
Graham F BotfieldUckfield162091F1
Joseph CL SharpBexhill241458C1
Vojta Dvoracek,Sussex University000000a0000001
Douglas W StevensonEastbourne119705J1
Robert SmartEastbourne232687F1
Martin LubbockEastbourne266181A1
Gregory F ChandlerHastings & St Leonards155452K1
Mason WoodhamsHastings & St Leonards284709H1
Nick WarrenHorsham244446L1
Brian StockhamUckfield270393C1
Robert A DavidsonWoodpushers (Sussex)156333G1
Ian ArchboldUckfield320703B1
Ian J PhilipsonUckfield170199L1
Adam UrsellSussex University315878A1

Based on membership list date Wed 23rd October 2019 . Note this could mean the report is not accurate for games played prior to the start of membership (September) and after the June grading cut off.