Abigail R Weersing

Games (Standard Rate)

Paul McMahonW161Linton Leopards v Linton LlamasDivision 1Bury Area Chess League
Paul R KempW170Linton Llamas v Linton LeopardsDivision 1Bury Area Chess League
Arnav SrivastavaL177Linton Llamas v Cambridge ChoristersDivision 1Bury Area Chess League
Mark R Le-VineW190Linton Llamas v Bury St Edmunds CobrasDivision 1Bury Area Chess League
Rene M MartinezW145Linton Loris v Bury St Edmunds VipersDivision 2Bury Area Chess League
Jan BaloghD163Bury St Edmunds Hornets v Linton LorisDivision 2Bury Area Chess League
Adam JohnD156Bury St Edmunds Vipers v Linton LorisDivision 2Bury Area Chess League
David ShortW138Ely Beet Rooks v Linton LorisDivision 2Bury Area Chess League
John G DaugmanD154Linton Lions v Cambridge OddfellowsDivision 2Bury Area Chess League
Kelvin HunterD132Linton Loris v Cambridge DonsDivision 2Bury Area Chess League
Oliver J LentonL166Linton Loris v Ely Beet RooksDivision 2Bury Area Chess League
Ashraf M HossainW140Linton Limpets v EnfieldAverage under 1800EACU Online
Malcolm J LightfootW168Saxmundham v Linton LimpetsAverage under 1800EACU Online
Current Grade = 166, Estimated performance on these games = 177.7. NOTE: This estimate is not from the grading system and should not be used as a grade!