East Lancashire Chess Association - Games By Non-ECF Members

OTB Games played in active seasons by players who are not ECF members or whose membership expires before June 30th or the game was played after their membership expired. Note that although not members now, they could have been members when the games were played.

NameClubECF CodeMembership No.Number of gamesReason
Paul A EvansBurnley1248891204114Expiry before June 30th
Philip TitteringtonClitheroe1665609Non Member
Jakub AugustyniakCrusaders Blackburn358343406906Expiry before June 30th
Keith MellingClitheroe258852233964Non Member
B SearsonCrusaders Blackburn249540359553Expiry before game
Riley CleggCrusaders Blackburn3632152Non Member
Kailash NarendranCrusaders Blackburn3653152Non Member
Joe OakesClitheroe3546772Non Member
Thomas KeetchCrusaders Blackburn1881141Non Member
Mike TanoviciBurnley3265241Non Member
Roy BywaterHeywood01Non Member
Ray Sutcliffe Clitheroe321082233981Expiry before game
Saf KhanCrusaders Blackburn3648951Non Member
Brian CleggCrusaders Blackburn3648941Non Member
Neil WhalleyClitheroe1Non Member

Based on membership information from the rating system updated on Mon 15th April 2024 .