May 20121 Update - Mid Sussex Chess League - Online Competitions

Congratulations to the winners of our first online league; Div 1 - Worthing 1, Div 2 - Crowborough 2 and Junior Div - Collyers. Special mention to the Horsham teams that were runners-up in both of Divs 1 and 2. The league seemed to run reasonably successfully with very few defaults and no serious disputes. Many thanks to all the captains and players that conducted the competition in such a good spirit.

A note will shortly be sent to clubs inviting entry to an online Summer league, to run between roughly late June and mid-September. We hope to resume over the board chess in October with the main league running as usual.

December 2020 Update - Mid Sussex Chess League - Online Competition

Fixture lists are now available for our new online team competitions, which will run from January to May. We hope that this will fill some of the gap created by the lack of over the board chess, and that we will be able to resume the league proper next season.

August 2020 Update - The Mid-Sussex Chess League
Dear all,

In view of the continuing restrictions resulting from Covid-19, the committee has reviewed the options for (i) finishing the 2019-20 season, (ii) holding the 2020 AGM, and also (iii) prospects for the 2020-21 season.

(i) Finishing the 2019-20 season

As there appears to be no early prospect of being able to resume over the board chess, the committee have decided to curtail the 2019-20 season. The option of trying to resume the season at a later date was considered, but in view of the time gap since the last matches were played, and the uneven number of matches still to be played by each team, it was felt that this was not practical. However, as there remains only one match in the Knock-out competition, it is hoped that it will be possible to re-schedule this.

Given that the league for 2019-20 was relatively close to completion at the time of suspension, the committee have decided that final league tables should be based on performance to date.

Two methods were considered for fairly determining final league positions: (a) % of match points scored by each team for matches actually played and (b) assuming each unplayed match would be a draw, and adding up these notional results to existing match points scored. Analysis of the two methods showed very little difference in outcome, with promotion and relegation positions being the same. The committee have decided to use method (a) and the resultant tables are shown on the attached spreadsheet (this is, incidentally, similar to the approach used by the English Football League divs 1 and 2). As always, actual promotion and relegation will depend on the number of entrants we have for the next season to be played.

The best player tankards will be awarded taking into account the number of matches actually played by each team.

(ii) 2019-20 AGM

The committee will seek to arrange an AGM as soon as it is safe and practical to do so. We considered the possibility of holding an online AGM, but at this point do not feel that this is likely to be a satisfactory approach, due to the practicalities involved with a relatively large number of people, and also because of the risk of disenfranchising those that may not have online access.

(iii) 2020-21 Season

There currently appears to be little chance of resuming over the board league chess until at least very late 2020, and more likely early 2021, given probable continuation of social distancing measures. In particular, the committee are conscious of venue restrictions for clubs, the need to car share for away matches, and the needs of players that may have particular health vulnerabilities.

It may then be a challenge to devise a competition schedule that will be appropriate for a truncated 2020-21 season. At this point, it is not possible to be definitive, but options might include running the Knock-out competition as usual, or possibly running some form of one-off mini league competition, rather than attempting to run the league proper. This would very much depend on the timing of resumption and the restrictions / challenges remaining for each club. We will also have to take note of any advice / instruction issued by the ECF

The committee will continue to monitor the situation as it develops over the next weeks and months, and in the meantime, offer our best wishes to all in these trying times.

Kind Regards

MSCL Committee

Latest Results

Eastbourne  1 - 3  Worthing 1  Wed 4th Aug 2021
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Worthing 2  2 - 2  Haywards Heath  Wed 4th Aug 2021
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Worthing Juniors  1 - 3  Eastbourne Juniors 2  Wed 4th Aug 2021
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Shoreham  3 - 1  Crowborough 2  Wed 4th Aug 2021
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