Division Three

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Home TeamResultAway TeamDateTimeStatus
Kynoch0 - 0OltonMon 18th Oct 202119:15OU
Mercia0 - 0StourbridgeTue 19th Oct 202119:30OU
Coleshill0 - 0LichfieldWed 20th Oct 202119:30OU
University of Birmingham0 - 0South BirminghamTue 26th Oct 202119:00OU
Oscott B0 - 0Oscott AWed 27th Oct 202119:30OU
Lichfield0 - 0University of BirminghamThu 4th Nov 202119:30OU
Olton0 - 0MerciaTue 9th Nov 202119:15OU
Oscott B0 - 0KynochWed 10th Nov 202119:30OU
Mercia0 - 0Oscott BTue 16th Nov 202119:30OU
University of Birmingham0 - 0StourbridgeTue 16th Nov 202119:00OU
Coleshill0 - 0OltonWed 17th Nov 202119:30OU
Sutton Coldfield0 - 0South BirminghamMon 22nd Nov 202119:30OU
Lichfield0 - 0Sutton ColdfieldThu 25th Nov 202119:30OU
South Birmingham0 - 0LichfieldMon 29th Nov 202119:30OU
Olton0 - 0University of BirminghamTue 30th Nov 202119:15OU
Stourbridge0 - 0Oscott AWed 1st Dec 202119:30OU
Coleshill0 - 0KynochWed 1st Dec 202119:30OU
Kynoch0 - 0MerciaMon 6th Dec 202119:15OU
Oscott B0 - 0ColeshillWed 8th Dec 202119:30OU
University of Birmingham0 - 0Oscott BTue 14th Dec 202119:00OU
Oscott A0 - 0OltonWed 15th Dec 202119:30OU
South Birmingham0 - 0Oscott AWed 5th Jan 202219:30OU
Stourbridge0 - 0South BirminghamWed 12th Jan 202219:30OU
Kynoch0 - 0University of BirminghamMon 17th Jan 202219:15OU
Olton0 - 0Sutton ColdfieldTue 18th Jan 202219:15OU
Oscott A0 - 0LichfieldWed 19th Jan 202219:30OU
South Birmingham0 - 0KynochMon 24th Jan 202219:30OU
University of Birmingham0 - 0MerciaTue 25th Jan 202219:00OU
Stourbridge0 - 0ColeshillWed 26th Jan 202219:30OU
Sutton Coldfield0 - 0Oscott BMon 31st Jan 202219:30OU
South Birmingham0 - 0OltonMon 31st Jan 202219:30OU
Oscott A0 - 0KynochWed 2nd Feb 202219:30OU
Olton0 - 0LichfieldTue 8th Feb 202219:15OU
Oscott B0 - 0South BirminghamWed 9th Feb 202219:30OU
Kynoch0 - 0Sutton ColdfieldMon 14th Feb 202219:15OU
Mercia0 - 0Oscott ATue 15th Feb 202219:30OU
Coleshill0 - 0University of BirminghamWed 16th Feb 202219:30OU
Sutton Coldfield0 - 0MerciaMon 21st Feb 202219:30OU
Oscott A0 - 0ColeshillWed 23rd Feb 202219:30OU
Stourbridge0 - 0KynochWed 23rd Feb 202219:30OU
Lichfield0 - 0Oscott BThu 24th Feb 202219:30OU
Mercia0 - 0ColeshillTue 1st Mar 202219:30OU
Oscott A0 - 0Sutton ColdfieldWed 2nd Mar 202219:30OU
Stourbridge0 - 0OltonWed 2nd Mar 202219:30OU
Kynoch0 - 0LichfieldMon 7th Mar 202219:15OU
Oscott B0 - 0StourbridgeWed 9th Mar 202219:30OU
Mercia0 - 0South BirminghamTue 15th Mar 202219:30OU
University of Birmingham0 - 0Oscott ATue 15th Mar 202219:00OU
Coleshill0 - 0Sutton ColdfieldWed 16th Mar 202219:30OU
Sutton Coldfield0 - 0University of BirminghamMon 21st Mar 202219:30OU
South Birmingham0 - 0ColeshillMon 21st Mar 202219:30OU
Olton0 - 0Oscott BTue 29th Mar 202219:15OU
Lichfield0 - 0MerciaThu 31st Mar 202219:30OU
Lichfield0 - 0StourbridgeThu 7th Apr 202219:30OU
Sutton Coldfield0 - 0StourbridgeMon 11th Apr 202219:30OU