Home TeamResultAway TeamDateTimeEventStatus
Rushall5 - 1RedditchMon 2nd Sep 201919:15Division ThreeLV
West Bromwich3 - 3HalesowenMon 2nd Sep 201919:30Division TwoLV
Mutual Circle1½ - 4½Warley QuinborneTue 3rd Sep 201919:30Division ThreeLV
Mercia0 - 0LichfieldTue 3rd Sep 201919:30Division TwoLV
Mutual Circle3 - 0Ward End SocialTue 3rd Sep 201919:30Minor DivisionLV
Westminster5 - 1HalesowenWed 4th Sep 201919:30Division FiveLV
Coleshill3 - 3Sutton ColdfieldWed 4th Sep 201919:30Division FourLV
South Birmingham A5½ - ½South Birmingham CWed 4th Sep 201919:30Division OneLV
Solihull5½ - ½Shirley & WythallWed 4th Sep 201919:30Division TwoLV
Solihull A2 - 1Solihull BWed 4th Sep 201919:30Minor DivisionLV
Walsall Kipping3½ - 2½SolihullThu 5th Sep 201919:30Division FourLV
Lichfield3 - 3StourbridgeThu 5th Sep 201919:30Division TwoLV
South Birmingham5 - 1WestminsterMon 9th Sep 201919:30Division FiveLV
Sutton Coldfield4 - 2HalesowenMon 9th Sep 201919:30Division OneLV
Kynoch A2 - 2Kynoch BMon 9th Sep 201919:15Division SixLV
St Georges 3 - 1SolihullMon 9th Sep 201919:15Division SixLV
South Birmingham B1½ - 4½South Birmingham AMon 9th Sep 201919:30Division ThreeLV
Mutual Circle1 - 5Warley QuinborneTue 10th Sep 201919:30Division FiveLV
Redditch5 - 1BushburyTue 10th Sep 201919:30Division FiveLV
Mercia2 - 4StourbridgeTue 10th Sep 201919:30Division FourLV
Greenlands B3 - 1Greenlands ATue 10th Sep 201919:30Division SixLV
Mutual Circle4½ - 1½LichfieldTue 10th Sep 201919:30Division TwoLV
Redditch5½ - ½OltonTue 10th Sep 201919:30Division TwoLV
Solihull2 - 4Sutton ColdfieldWed 11th Sep 201919:30Division FiveLU
South Birmingham2 - 4OscottWed 11th Sep 201919:30Division FourLV
South Birmingham B4 - 2South Birmingham AWed 11th Sep 201919:30Division OneLV
Coleshill B2 - 2Coleshill AWed 11th Sep 201919:30Division SixLV
Solihull6 - 0WestminsterWed 11th Sep 201919:30Division ThreeLV
Solihull B1½ - 1½Solihull AWed 11th Sep 201919:30Minor DivisionLV
Shirley & Wythall5 - 1BushburyThu 12th Sep 201919:30Division OneLU
Lichfield3 - 3OltonThu 12th Sep 201919:30Division ThreeLV
Sutton Coldfield3 - 3HalesowenMon 16th Sep 201919:30Division FourLV
South Birmingham C3½ - 2½South Birmingham BMon 16th Sep 201919:30Division OneLV
Warley Quinborne2½ - 3½RushallMon 16th Sep 201919:30Division ThreeLV
Sutton Coldfield2 - 1Ward End SocialMon 16th Sep 201919:30Minor DivisionLV
Greenlands2½ - 3½ColeshillTue 17th Sep 201919:30Division FourLV
Olton2½ - 3½Sutton ColdfieldTue 17th Sep 201919:15Division OneLU
Olton3½ - 2½South Birmingham BTue 17th Sep 201919:15Division ThreeLV
Redditch5 - 1LichfieldTue 17th Sep 201919:30Division ThreeLU
Mutual Circle3 - 3West BromwichTue 17th Sep 201919:30Division TwoLV
Solihull2 - 4MerciaWed 18th Sep 201919:30Division FourLU
Stourbridge4½ - 1½South BirminghamWed 18th Sep 201919:30Division FourLV
Coleshill B2½ - 1½Kynoch AWed 18th Sep 201919:30Division SixLV
Solihull2 - 2Walsall KippingWed 18th Sep 201919:30Division SixLV
West Midlands Police1 - 3Greenlands BWed 18th Sep 201919:15Division SixLV
Westminster3½ - 2½Mutual CircleWed 18th Sep 201919:30Division ThreeLV
Wolverhampton 2½ - 3½South Birmingham AWed 18th Sep 201919:30Division ThreeLV
Lichfield3½ - 2½Mutual CircleThu 19th Sep 201919:30Division FiveLV
Shirley & Wythall1½ - 4½SolihullThu 19th Sep 201919:30Division ThreeLV
Warley Quinborne6 - 0South BirminghamMon 23rd Sep 201919:30Division FiveLV
Warley Quinborne1½ - 4½South Birmingham AMon 23rd Sep 201919:30Division OneLV
Rushall3 - 1Kynoch BMon 23rd Sep 201919:15Division SixLV
Sutton Coldfield2½ - 3½RedditchMon 23rd Sep 201919:30Division TwoLV
Olton2 - 4SolihullTue 24th Sep 201919:15Division FiveLV
Halesowen2½ - 3½SolihullTue 24th Sep 201919:30Division TwoLV
Olton3 - 3LichfieldTue 24th Sep 201919:15Division TwoLV
Oscott4 - 2Shirley & WythallWed 25th Sep 201919:30Division FourLV
Wolverhampton4 - 2South Birmingham BWed 25th Sep 201919:30Division OneLV
Coleshill A2½ - 1½Ward End SocialWed 25th Sep 201919:30Division SixLV
Solihull A3 - 0WestminsterWed 25th Sep 201919:30Minor DivisionLV
Shirley & Wythall3 - 3LichfieldThu 26th Sep 201919:30Division TwoLU
Sutton Coldfield 16 - 2½West Bromwich 2Mon 30th Sep 201919:30Frank Terrill Trophy LV
South Birmingham 3A6 - 0Solihull 3Mon 30th Sep 201919:30Frank Terrill Trophy LU
Stourbridge 44½ - 1½Walsall Kipping 4Mon 30th Sep 201919:30Dudley Townshend TrophyLU
Ward End Social 61½ - 5Sutton Coldfield 5Mon 30th Sep 201919:30Dudley Townshend TrophyLV
Kynoch 6A3½ - 4Shirley & Wythall 4Mon 30th Sep 201919:15Dudley Townshend TrophyLV
Olton 14½ - 1½South Birmingham 1ATue 1st Oct 201919:15Frank Terrill Trophy LV
Redditch 32 - 5½Shirley & Wythall 2Tue 1st Oct 201919:30Frank Terrill Trophy LV
Mutual Circle 33½ - 4Olton 2Tue 1st Oct 201919:30Frank Terrill Trophy LV
Olton 53 - 3½Oscott 4Tue 1st Oct 201919:15Dudley Townshend TrophyLV
Greenlands 45 - 1Kynoch 4Tue 1st Oct 201919:30Dudley Townshend TrophyLU
Mercia 43 - 3½Warley Quinborne 5Tue 1st Oct 201919:30Dudley Townshend TrophyLV
Mutual Circle 51 - 5½Coleshill 4Tue 1st Oct 201919:30Dudley Townshend TrophyLV
Oscott 22½ - 3½Mutual Circle 2Wed 2nd Oct 201919:30Frank Terrill Trophy LV
Westminster 35½ - 4Warley Quinborne 1Wed 2nd Oct 201919:30Frank Terrill Trophy LV
Stourbridge 23 - 3Sutton Coldfield 2Wed 2nd Oct 201919:30Frank Terrill Trophy LV
Solihull 24½ - 3Warley Quinborne 3Wed 2nd Oct 201919:30Frank Terrill Trophy LV
Solihull 54½ - 2West Midlands Police 6Wed 2nd Oct 201919:30Dudley Townshend TrophyLV
Westminster 54½ - 1½Halesowen 5Wed 2nd Oct 201919:30Dudley Townshend TrophyLV
Solihull 45 - 2½Greenlands 6AWed 2nd Oct 201919:30Dudley Townshend TrophyLU
South Birmingham 44 - 2½Redditch 5Wed 2nd Oct 201919:30Dudley Townshend TrophyLV
Walsall Kipping4 - 2Shirley & WythallThu 3rd Oct 201919:30Division OneLV
Shirley & Wythall 37½ - 0Mercia 2Thu 3rd Oct 201919:30Frank Terrill Trophy LU
Stourbridge4½ - 1½Walsall KippingMon 7th Oct 201919:30Division FourLU
South Birmingham B4½ - 1½SolihullMon 7th Oct 201919:30Division OneLU
Kynoch A3 - 1Coleshill AMon 7th Oct 201919:15Division SixLV
Rushall5½ - ½WestminsterMon 7th Oct 201919:15Division ThreeLV
South Birmingham B2½ - 3½RedditchMon 7th Oct 201919:30Division ThreeLV
Halesowen1 - 5Warley QuinborneTue 8th Oct 201919:30Division FiveLV
Mutual Circle1 - 5Sutton ColdfieldTue 8th Oct 201919:30Division FiveLU
Greenlands A3½ - ½West Midlands PoliceTue 8th Oct 201919:30Division SixLV
Mercia0 - 0RedditchTue 8th Oct 201919:30Division TwoLV
Olton3½ - 2½Sutton ColdfieldTue 8th Oct 201919:15Division TwoLV
Coleshill5½ - ½OscottWed 9th Oct 201919:30Division FourLV
South Birmingham4 - 2SolihullWed 9th Oct 201919:30Division FourLU
Bushbury1 - 5Walsall KippingWed 9th Oct 201919:30Division OneLV
South Birmingham A4½ - 1½WolverhamptonWed 9th Oct 201919:30Division OneLV
South Birmingham C2 - 4HalesowenWed 9th Oct 201919:30Division OneLU
Solihull2 - 4Mutual CircleWed 9th Oct 201919:30Division TwoLV
Stourbridge3 - 2University of BirminghamWed 9th Oct 201919:30Division TwoLV
Shirley & Wythall5 - 1Warley QuinborneThu 10th Oct 201919:30Division OneLV
Sutton Coldfield4 - 2GreenlandsMon 14th Oct 201919:30Division FourLV
Ward End Social1½ - 2½Coleshill BMon 14th Oct 201919:30Division SixLV
South Birmingham B4½ - 1½Wolverhampton Mon 14th Oct 201919:30Division ThreeLV
Redditch4 - 2WestminsterTue 15th Oct 201919:30Division FiveLV
University of Birmingham4 - 2OltonTue 15th Oct 201919:00Division FiveLV
Halesowen2 - 4KynochTue 15th Oct 201919:30Division FourLU
Greenlands B2½ - 1½RushallTue 15th Oct 201919:30Division SixLV
Mutual Circle3 - 3Shirley & WythallTue 15th Oct 201919:30Division ThreeLV
Mercia0 - 0StourbridgeTue 15th Oct 201919:30Division TwoLV
Redditch4½ - 1½OscottTue 15th Oct 201919:30Division TwoLV
Bushbury3½ - 2½OscottWed 16th Oct 201919:30Division FiveLU
Solihull4 - 2South Birmingham AWed 16th Oct 201919:30Division OneLV
South Birmingham A5 - 1OltonWed 16th Oct 201919:30Division ThreeLV
Solihull A2½ - ½Mutual CircleWed 16th Oct 201919:30Minor DivisionLV
Shirley & Wythall ½ - 5½StourbridgeThu 17th Oct 201919:30Division FourLV
Lichfield2 - 4OltonThu 17th Oct 201919:30Division OneLU
Lichfield ½ - 5½Warley QuinborneThu 17th Oct 201919:30Division ThreeLU
Sutton Coldfield6 - 0South BirminghamMon 21st Oct 201919:30Division FiveLV
Sutton Coldfield4½ - 1½LichfieldMon 21st Oct 201919:30Division OneLU
Warley Quinborne5 - 1BushburyMon 21st Oct 201919:30Division OneLU
Rushall3 - 1Greenlands AMon 21st Oct 201919:15Division SixLV
St Georges 2 - 2Walsall KippingMon 21st Oct 201919:15Division SixLU
Ward End Social1½ - 2½SolihullMon 21st Oct 201919:30Division SixLV
West Bromwich4 - 1SolihullMon 21st Oct 201919:30Division TwoLU
Olton3 - 3Mutual CircleTue 22nd Oct 201919:15Division FiveLV
University of Birmingham2½ - 3½LichfieldTue 22nd Oct 201919:00Division FiveLV
Greenlands4 - 2HalesowenTue 22nd Oct 201919:30Division FourLV
Halesowen3½ - 2½South Birmingham BTue 22nd Oct 201919:30Division OneLU
Westminster1½ - 4½BushburyWed 23rd Oct 201919:30Division FiveLV
Solihull4 - 2Shirley & WythallWed 23rd Oct 201919:30Division FourLV
Stourbridge3½ - 2½ColeshillWed 23rd Oct 201919:30Division FourLV
Solihull3 - 3South Birmingham CWed 23rd Oct 201919:30Division OneLV
Coleshill A2½ - 1½Kynoch BWed 23rd Oct 201919:30Division SixLV
Oscott3½ - 2½OltonWed 23rd Oct 201919:30Division TwoLV
Lichfield4½ - 1½HalesowenThu 24th Oct 201919:30Division FiveLV
Warley Quinborne4½ - 1½RedditchThu 24th Oct 201919:30Division FiveLV
Lichfield2½ - 3½RedditchThu 24th Oct 201919:30Division TwoLV
Kynoch4 - 2Walsall KippingMon 28th Oct 201919:15Division FourLU
Sutton Coldfield4 - 2MerciaMon 28th Oct 201919:30Division FourLU
Warley Quinborne1 - 5South Birmingham BMon 28th Oct 201919:30Division ThreeLV
Sutton Coldfield3 - 0Solihull AMon 28th Oct 201919:30Minor DivisionLU
Olton3 - 3South Birmingham CTue 29th Oct 201919:15Division OneLV
Mutual Circle0 - 3WestminsterTue 29th Oct 201919:30Minor DivisionLV
Oscott1½ - 4½Sutton ColdfieldWed 30th Oct 201919:30Division FourLV
Coleshill B1 - 3Greenlands BWed 30th Oct 201919:30Division SixLV
Solihull2 - 2Kynoch AWed 30th Oct 201919:30Division SixLV
Solihull2½ - 3½Mutual CircleWed 30th Oct 201919:30Division ThreeLV
Westminster5 - 1LichfieldWed 30th Oct 201919:30Division ThreeLV
Stourbridge3 - 3RedditchWed 30th Oct 201919:30Division TwoLV
Wolverhampton2 - 3Shirley & WythallThu 31st Oct 201919:30Division OneLU
Shirley & Wythall1 - 5RushallThu 31st Oct 201919:30Division ThreeLV
Kynoch B2 - 2SolihullMon 4th Nov 201919:15Division SixLV
Ward End Social0 - 4St Georges Mon 4th Nov 201919:30Division SixLU
Rushall4 - 2SolihullMon 4th Nov 201919:15Division ThreeLV
Halesowen3½ - 2½Sutton ColdfieldTue 5th Nov 201919:30Division FiveLU
Redditch3½ - 2½LichfieldTue 5th Nov 201919:30Division FiveLV
Greenlands4 - 2OscottTue 5th Nov 201919:30Division FourLV
Greenlands B1½ - 2½Coleshill ATue 5th Nov 201919:30Division SixLV
University of Birmingham3 - 3Mutual CircleTue 5th Nov 201919:00Division TwoLU
Mutual Circle2 - 1Sutton ColdfieldTue 5th Nov 201919:30Minor DivisionLV
Oscott4 - 2RedditchWed 6th Nov 201919:30Division FiveLV
Bushbury3 - 3Warley QuinborneWed 6th Nov 201919:30Division FiveLV
Coleshill6 - 0SolihullWed 6th Nov 201919:30Division FourLU
South Birmingham C3 - 3Sutton ColdfieldWed 6th Nov 201919:30Division OneLU
West Midlands Police ½ - 3½RushallWed 6th Nov 201919:15Division SixLV
Shirley & Wythall4½ - 1½SolihullThu 7th Nov 201919:30Division OneLV
Lichfield3 - 3West BromwichThu 7th Nov 201919:30Division TwoLU
South Birmingham6 - 0OltonMon 11th Nov 201919:30Division FiveLV
Sutton Coldfield3 - 3StourbridgeMon 11th Nov 201919:30Division FourLV
South Birmingham B3½ - 2½LichfieldMon 11th Nov 201919:30Division OneLU
Kynoch A ½ - 3½RushallMon 11th Nov 201919:15Division SixLU
South Birmingham B2 - 4WestminsterMon 11th Nov 201919:30Division ThreeLV
Sutton Coldfield4½ - 1½OscottMon 11th Nov 201919:30Division TwoLV
West Bromwich3½ - 2½University of BirminghamMon 11th Nov 201919:30Division TwoLV
Mutual Circle1½ - 4½SolihullTue 12th Nov 201919:30Division FiveLV
Halesowen2 - 4Walsall KippingTue 12th Nov 201919:30Division FourLV
Mercia4½ - 1½KynochTue 12th Nov 201919:30Division FourLV
Greenlands A3 - 1Coleshill BTue 12th Nov 201919:30Division SixLV
Olton3½ - 2½StourbridgeTue 12th Nov 201919:15Division TwoLV
Redditch4½ - 1½Shirley & WythallTue 12th Nov 201919:30Division TwoLV
Oscott3 - 3WestminsterWed 13th Nov 201919:30Division FiveLV
Solihull4 - 2BushburyWed 13th Nov 201919:30Division OneLV
South Birmingham A4 - 2HalesowenWed 13th Nov 201919:30Division OneLV
Wolverhampton 2½ - 3½OltonWed 13th Nov 201919:30Division ThreeLV
Solihull A2½ - ½Ward End SocialWed 13th Nov 201919:30Minor DivisionLU
Solihull B2 - 1Sutton ColdfieldWed 13th Nov 201919:30Minor DivisionLV
Walsall Kipping3 - 3Warley QuinborneThu 14th Nov 201919:30Division OneLV
Shirley & Wythall2½ - 3½South Birmingham BThu 14th Nov 201919:30Division ThreeLV
Ward End Social 62½ - 4Olton 5Mon 18th Nov 201919:30Jim Barrington PlateOV
Warley Quinborne 13 - 5½Sutton Coldfield 2Mon 18th Nov 201919:30Gerald Homer PlateOV
Sutton Coldfield 51 - 5½Stourbridge 4Mon 18th Nov 201919:30Dudley Townshend TrophyOV
Halesowen3 - 3University of BirminghamTue 19th Nov 201919:30Division TwoLV
Redditch 23½ - 2½Stourbridge 2Tue 19th Nov 201919:30Frank Terrill Trophy OV
Greenlands 6A4½ - 2Mutual Circle 5Tue 19th Nov 201919:30Jim Barrington PlateOV
Mutual Circle 32 - 4Warley Quinborne 3Tue 19th Nov 201919:30Gerald Homer PlateOV
Mutual Circle 26 - 1½South Birmingham 3ATue 19th Nov 201919:30Frank Terrill Trophy OV
Bushbury2 - 4WolverhamptonWed 20th Nov 201919:30Division OneLV
Solihull 46 - ½South Birmingham 5Wed 20th Nov 201919:30Dudley Townshend TrophyOU
West Mid. Police 6 3 - 4½Kynoch 4Wed 20th Nov 201919:15Jim Barrington PlateOV
South Birmingham 1A6 - 3½Redditch 3Wed 20th Nov 201919:30Gerald Homer PlateOU
Westminster 51 - 5½South Birmingham 4Wed 20th Nov 201919:30Dudley Townshend TrophyOV
Oscott 42½ - 3½Greenlands 4Wed 20th Nov 201919:30Dudley Townshend TrophyOV
Lichfield2 - 4SolihullThu 21st Nov 201919:30Division OneLU
Shirley & Wythall 34½ - 5Sutton Coldfield 1Thu 21st Nov 201919:30Frank Terrill Trophy OU
Warley Quinborne4½ - 1½OscottMon 25th Nov 201919:30Division FiveLV
Sutton Coldfield1½ - 4½South Birmingham BMon 25th Nov 201919:30Division OneLU
St Georges 4 - 0Kynoch AMon 25th Nov 201919:15Division SixLV
Sutton Coldfield2½ - ½WestminsterMon 25th Nov 201919:30Minor DivisionLV
Olton2½ - 3½HalesowenTue 26th Nov 201919:15Division FiveLV
University of Birmingham2 - 3Mutual CircleTue 26th Nov 201919:00Division FiveLU
Olton3 - 3South Birmingham ATue 26th Nov 201919:15Division OneLV
Halesowen3 - 3RedditchTue 26th Nov 201919:30Division TwoLV
Oscott1½ - 4½MerciaWed 27th Nov 201919:30Division FourLV
Solihull2 - 4Sutton ColdfieldWed 27th Nov 201919:30Division FourLU
South Birmingham2½ - 3½Walsall KippingWed 27th Nov 201919:30Division FourLV
Coleshill B1 - 3West Midlands PoliceWed 27th Nov 201919:30Division SixLV
Solihull1½ - 2½Greenlands BWed 27th Nov 201919:30Division SixLV
Westminster3 - 3South Birmingham AWed 27th Nov 201919:30Division ThreeLV
Solihull0 - 6LichfieldWed 27th Nov 201919:30Division TwoLU
Lichfield4 - 2BushburyThu 28th Nov 201919:30Division FiveLV
Shirley & Wythall2½ - 3½OltonThu 28th Nov 201919:30Division TwoLV
Sutton Coldfield2 - 4RedditchMon 2nd Dec 201919:30Division FiveLV
Kynoch2 - 4South BirminghamMon 2nd Dec 201919:15Division FourLV
Stourbridge3 - 3GreenlandsMon 2nd Dec 201919:30Division FourLV
Ward End Social0 - 3Mutual CircleMon 2nd Dec 201919:30Minor DivisionLV
Halesowen3½ - 2½Shirley & WythallTue 3rd Dec 201919:30Division OneLV
Olton2 - 4SolihullTue 3rd Dec 201919:15Division OneLV
Mutual Circle2 - 4RushallTue 3rd Dec 201919:30Division ThreeLV
South Birmingham B5 - 1Warley QuinborneWed 4th Dec 201919:30Division OneLV
Wolverhampton2 - 4Walsall KippingWed 4th Dec 201919:30Division OneLU
Coleshill A2½ - 1½Greenlands AWed 4th Dec 201919:30Division SixLV
Stourbridge ½ - 5½Sutton ColdfieldWed 4th Dec 201919:30Division TwoLV
Westminster1 - 2Solihull BWed 4th Dec 201919:30Minor DivisionLV
Walsall Kipping4½ - 1½MerciaThu 5th Dec 201919:30Division FourLV
Walsall Kipping2½ - 1½Ward End SocialThu 5th Dec 201919:30Division SixLU
Lichfield3½ - 2½University of BirminghamThu 5th Dec 201919:30Division TwoLV
Kynoch B1 - 3St Georges Mon 9th Dec 201919:15Division SixLV
South Birmingham B1½ - 4½SolihullMon 9th Dec 201919:30Division ThreeLV
Sutton Coldfield3 - 3Shirley & WythallMon 9th Dec 201919:30Division TwoLV
Halesowen3 - 3SolihullTue 10th Dec 201919:30Division FiveLV
Redditch4½ - 1½OltonTue 10th Dec 201919:30Division FiveLU
Olton1½ - 4½HalesowenTue 10th Dec 201919:15Division TwoLV
Redditch1½ - 4½Mutual CircleTue 10th Dec 201919:30Division TwoLV
University of Birmingham6 - 0SolihullTue 10th Dec 201919:00Division TwoLV
Bushbury3½ - 2½Sutton ColdfieldWed 11th Dec 201919:30Division FiveLV
Oscott2 - 4LichfieldWed 11th Dec 201919:30Division FiveLU
South Birmingham3½ - 2½University of BirminghamWed 11th Dec 201919:30Division FiveLV
South Birmingham A3½ - 2½Sutton ColdfieldWed 11th Dec 201919:30Division OneLU
West Midlands Police1½ - 2½Coleshill AWed 11th Dec 201919:15Division SixLV
South Birmingham A5 - 1Shirley & WythallWed 11th Dec 201919:30Division ThreeLV
Wolverhampton 4½ - 1½Warley QuinborneWed 11th Dec 201919:30Division ThreeLU
Oscott4 - 2StourbridgeWed 11th Dec 201919:30Division TwoLV
Westminster1 - 2Ward End SocialWed 11th Dec 201919:30Minor DivisionLU
Lichfield3 - 3South Birmingham CThu 12th Dec 201919:30Division OneLU
Shirley & Wythall2½ - 3½OltonThu 12th Dec 201919:30Division OneLU
Walsall Kipping4 - 2SolihullThu 12th Dec 201919:30Division OneLV
Lichfield4½ - 1½Mutual CircleThu 12th Dec 201919:30Division ThreeLV
South Birmingham C4 - 2WolverhamptonMon 16th Dec 201919:30Division OneLV
Kynoch A2 - 2Walsall KippingMon 16th Dec 201919:15Division SixLV
Greenlands A2½ - 1½SolihullTue 17th Dec 201919:30Division SixLV
Olton2½ - 3½RedditchTue 17th Dec 201919:15Division ThreeLV
Westminster ½ - 5½Warley QuinborneWed 18th Dec 201919:30Division FiveLV
Oscott3 - 3StourbridgeWed 18th Dec 201919:30Division FourLV
Bushbury3 - 3HalesowenWed 18th Dec 201919:30Division OneLV
Solihull B3 - 0Ward End SocialWed 18th Dec 201919:30Minor DivisionLU
Shirley & Wythall3½ - 2½KynochThu 19th Dec 201919:30Division FourLV
Sutton Coldfield2½ - 3½OscottMon 6th Jan 202019:30Division FiveLV
Kynoch1½ - 4½ColeshillMon 6th Jan 202019:15Division FourLV
South Birmingham B2 - 4OltonMon 6th Jan 202019:30Division OneLV
St Georges 2 - 2Greenlands BMon 6th Jan 202019:15Division SixOU
Warley Quinborne4½ - 1½OltonMon 6th Jan 202019:30Division ThreeLV
West Bromwich1½ - 4½RedditchMon 6th Jan 202019:30Division TwoLU
Olton1½ - 4½BushburyTue 7th Jan 202019:15Division FiveLV
Mercia2 - 4South BirminghamTue 7th Jan 202019:30Division FourLV
Redditch2 - 4Wolverhampton Tue 7th Jan 202019:30Division ThreeLU
Halesowen3½ - 2½Sutton ColdfieldTue 7th Jan 202019:30Division TwoLV
Solihull2 - 4RedditchWed 8th Jan 202019:30Division FiveLV
Stourbridge5½ - ½HalesowenWed 8th Jan 202019:30Division FourLV
Solihull4½ - 1½Warley QuinborneWed 8th Jan 202019:30Division OneLV
Coleshill A3 - 1RushallWed 8th Jan 202019:30Division SixOU
Solihull2½ - 3½South Birmingham AWed 8th Jan 202019:30Division ThreeLV
Westminster ½ - 2½Solihull AWed 8th Jan 202019:30Minor DivisionLV
Lichfield6 - 0WestminsterThu 9th Jan 202019:30Division FiveLV
Walsall Kipping4½ - 1½Shirley & WythallThu 9th Jan 202019:30Division FourLU
Walsall Kipping3 - 1Kynoch BThu 9th Jan 202019:30Division SixOV
Rushall4 - 2LichfieldMon 13th Jan 202019:15Division ThreeLV
Ward End Social0 - 3Sutton ColdfieldMon 13th Jan 202019:30Minor DivisionOV
Kynoch 6A6½ - 0Halesowen 5Mon 13th Jan 202019:15Jim Barrington PlateOV
Redditch 54 - 2½Walsall Kipping 4Tue 14th Jan 202019:30Jim Barrington PlateOU
Olton 56 - 0Mercia 4Tue 14th Jan 202019:15Jim Barrington PlateOU
Greenlands 6A6 - 1½Kynoch 4Tue 14th Jan 202019:30Jim Barrington PlateOV
Greenlands 42½ - 3½Stourbridge 4Tue 14th Jan 202019:30Dudley Townshend TrophyOV
Mutual Circle 25½ - 3Olton 1Tue 14th Jan 202019:30Frank Terrill Trophy OU
Olton 22½ - 3½Solihull 2Tue 14th Jan 202019:15Frank Terrill Trophy OU
Solihull1½ - 2½West Midlands PoliceWed 15th Jan 202019:30Division SixOV
Oscott 22½ - 3½Sutton Coldfield 2Wed 15th Jan 202019:30Gerald Homer PlateOV
Solihull 53½ - 3Solihull 4Wed 15th Jan 202019:30Dudley Townshend TrophyOV
Westminster 36½ - 3Sutton Coldfield 1Wed 15th Jan 202019:30Frank Terrill Trophy OV
South Birmingham 1A5 - 4½Warley Quinborne 3Wed 15th Jan 202019:30Gerald Homer PlateOV
Wolverhampton2½ - 3½SolihullThu 16th Jan 202019:30Division OneLV
Shirley & Wythall 42½ - 3½Coleshill 4Thu 16th Jan 202019:30Dudley Townshend TrophyOV
Warley Quinborne 53½ - 3South Birmingham 4Thu 16th Jan 202019:30Dudley Townshend TrophyOV
Shirley & Wythall 2 <3 - 3Redditch 2Thu 16th Jan 202019:30Frank Terrill Trophy OV
Rushall3 - 1Coleshill BMon 20th Jan 202019:15Division SixOV
Kynoch B2½ - 1½Ward End SocialMon 20th Jan 202019:15Division SixOV
South Birmingham B2 - 4RushallMon 20th Jan 202019:30Division ThreeLV
Sutton Coldfield1½ - 4½Mutual CircleMon 20th Jan 202019:30Division TwoLV
University of Birmingham5½ - ½HalesowenTue 21st Jan 202019:00Division FiveLV
Halesowen4 - 2Walsall KippingTue 21st Jan 202019:30Division OneLV
Redditch3 - 3Warley QuinborneTue 21st Jan 202019:30Division ThreeLV
Olton2½ - 3½West BromwichTue 21st Jan 202019:15Division TwoLV
Mutual Circle1 - 2Solihull ATue 21st Jan 202019:30Minor DivisionOV
Bushbury2 - 4SolihullWed 22nd Jan 202019:30Division FiveLV
South Birmingham3½ - 2½LichfieldWed 22nd Jan 202019:30Division FiveLV
Westminster1½ - 4½Sutton ColdfieldWed 22nd Jan 202019:30Division FiveLV
South Birmingham A5 - 1Mutual CircleWed 22nd Jan 202019:30Division ThreeLV
Oscott3 - 3HalesowenWed 22nd Jan 202019:30Division TwoLV
Stourbridge3 - 3Shirley & WythallWed 22nd Jan 202019:30Division TwoLV
Shirley & Wythall3½ - 2½LichfieldThu 23rd Jan 202019:30Division OneLV
Walsall Kipping2½ - 3½OltonThu 23rd Jan 202019:30Division OneLV
Warley Quinborne3½ - 2½HalesowenMon 27th Jan 202019:30Division OneLV
Kynoch B ½ - 3½West Midlands PoliceMon 27th Jan 202019:15Division SixOV
Rushall3½ - ½SolihullMon 27th Jan 202019:15Division SixOU
Sutton Coldfield5½ - ½University of BirminghamMon 27th Jan 202019:30Division TwoLV
Ward End Social1½ - 1½WestminsterMon 27th Jan 202019:30Minor DivisionOV
Redditch2 - 4University of BirminghamTue 28th Jan 202019:30Division FiveLU
Halesowen1½ - 4½South BirminghamTue 28th Jan 202019:30Division FourLV
Greenlands A0 - 4St Georges Tue 28th Jan 202019:30Division SixOU
Greenlands B2½ - 1½Walsall KippingTue 28th Jan 202019:30Division SixOV
Olton1½ - 4½WestminsterTue 28th Jan 202019:15Division ThreeLU
Redditch4 - 2SolihullTue 28th Jan 202019:30Division TwoLU
Solihull3 - 3South BirminghamWed 29th Jan 202019:30Division FiveLV
Bushbury4 - 2Sutton ColdfieldWed 29th Jan 202019:30Division OneLV
Wolverhampton 4 - 2Shirley & WythallWed 29th Jan 202019:30Division ThreeLV
Warley Quinborne6 - 0LichfieldThu 30th Jan 202019:30Division FiveLV
Lichfield ½ - 5½South Birmingham AThu 30th Jan 202019:30Division OneLU
South Birmingham5½ - ½HalesowenMon 3rd Feb 202019:30Division FiveLV
Sutton Coldfield4½ - 1½Warley QuinborneMon 3rd Feb 202019:30Division FiveLU
Stourbridge4 - 2SolihullMon 3rd Feb 202019:30Division FourLV
Kynoch B ½ - 3½Coleshill BMon 3rd Feb 202019:15Division SixOV
St Georges 2 - 2West Midlands PoliceMon 3rd Feb 202019:15Division SixOU
Ward End Social2 - 2Greenlands BMon 3rd Feb 202019:30Division SixOV
South Birmingham A3½ - 2½LichfieldMon 3rd Feb 202019:30Division ThreeLV
West Bromwich2 - 4Sutton ColdfieldMon 3rd Feb 202019:30Division TwoLV
Mutual Circle2 - 4RedditchTue 4th Feb 202019:30Division FiveLV
Olton3 - 3WestminsterTue 4th Feb 202019:15Division FiveLV
Olton2½ - 3½Warley QuinborneTue 4th Feb 202019:15Division OneLV
Halesowen2 - 4StourbridgeTue 4th Feb 202019:30Division TwoLV
Mutual Circle5 - 1OscottTue 4th Feb 202019:30Division TwoLV
Solihull2 - 4OscottWed 5th Feb 202019:30Division FiveLV
South Birmingham4½ - 1½Shirley & WythallWed 5th Feb 202019:30Division FourLV
South Birmingham A3½ - 2½Walsall KippingWed 5th Feb 202019:30Division OneLU
Solihull4½ - 1½Wolverhampton Wed 5th Feb 202019:30Division ThreeLV
Westminster3 - 3RedditchWed 5th Feb 202019:30Division ThreeLV
Solihull A1½ - 1½Sutton ColdfieldWed 5th Feb 202019:30Minor DivisionOV
Solihull B3 - 0WestminsterWed 5th Feb 202019:30Minor DivisionOV
Lichfield3 - 3South Birmingham BThu 6th Feb 202019:30Division ThreeLV
Shirley & Wythall3 - 3OltonThu 6th Feb 202019:30Division ThreeOU
Kynoch3 - 3GreenlandsMon 10th Feb 202019:15Division FourLV
Sutton Coldfield3½ - 2½Walsall KippingMon 10th Feb 202019:30Division OneOV
Rushall3½ - 2½South Birmingham AMon 10th Feb 202019:15Division ThreeOV
Warley Quinborne4 - 2WestminsterMon 10th Feb 202019:30Division ThreeOV
Ward End Social0 - 3Solihull AMon 10th Feb 202019:30Minor DivisionOU
Mercia1½ - 4½ColeshillTue 11th Feb 202019:30Division FourLV
Halesowen2 - 4WolverhamptonTue 11th Feb 202019:30Division OneLV
Olton4 - 2BushburyTue 11th Feb 202019:15Division OneLU
Mutual Circle2 - 4South Birmingham BTue 11th Feb 202019:30Division ThreeOV
University of Birmingham2½ - 3½Shirley & WythallTue 11th Feb 202019:00Division TwoLV
Oscott4½ - 1½University of BirminghamWed 12th Feb 202019:30Division FiveOV
Solihull2½ - 3½HalesowenWed 12th Feb 202019:30Division FourLV
South Birmingham C2 - 4Shirley & WythallWed 12th Feb 202019:30Division OneLV
Solihull1½ - 2½Coleshill BWed 12th Feb 202019:30Division SixOV
Westminster1½ - 1½Mutual CircleWed 12th Feb 202019:30Minor DivisionOV
Shirley & Wythall2 - 4MerciaThu 13th Feb 202019:30Division FourLV
Walsall Kipping2 - 4Sutton ColdfieldThu 13th Feb 202019:30Division FourOU
Walsall Kipping3 - 1Greenlands AThu 13th Feb 202019:30Division SixOV
Warley Quinborne1½ - 2½OltonMon 17th Feb 202019:30Division FiveOV
Oscott4½ - 1½HalesowenMon 17th Feb 202019:30Division FourLV
Warley Quinborne1 - 5Sutton ColdfieldMon 17th Feb 202019:30Division OneLV
Rushall1½ - 2½St Georges Mon 17th Feb 202019:15Division SixOU
Sutton Coldfield2 - 1Mutual CircleMon 17th Feb 202019:30Minor DivisionOV
Ward End Social0 - 3Solihull BMon 17th Feb 202019:30Minor DivisionOV
Halesowen3 - 3OscottTue 18th Feb 202019:30Division FiveOV
Greenlands2 - 4Walsall KippingTue 18th Feb 202019:30Division FourOU
Greenlands B1½ - 2½Kynoch ATue 18th Feb 202019:30Division SixOV
Redditch2½ - 3½Shirley & WythallTue 18th Feb 202019:30Division ThreeOV
Bushbury4 - 2Mutual CircleWed 19th Feb 202019:30Division FiveOV
Westminster3 - 3SolihullWed 19th Feb 202019:30Division FiveOV
Coleshill3½ - 2½South BirminghamWed 19th Feb 202019:30Division FourLV
Solihull3½ - 2½HalesowenWed 19th Feb 202019:30Division OneLV
Wolverhampton3½ - 2½OltonWed 19th Feb 202019:30Division OneOU
West Midlands Police2 - 2Walsall KippingWed 19th Feb 202019:15Division SixOV
Solihull4½ - 1½LichfieldWed 19th Feb 202019:30Division ThreeOV
Oscott2 - 4West BromwichWed 19th Feb 202019:30Division TwoLV
Stourbridge1 - 5Mutual CircleWed 19th Feb 202019:30Division TwoLV
Lichfield2 - 4Sutton ColdfieldThu 20th Feb 202019:30Division FiveOU
Walsall Kipping5½ - ½LichfieldThu 20th Feb 202019:30Division OneLV
Shirley & Wythall4 - 2HalesowenThu 20th Feb 202019:30Division TwoOV
Westminster 34 - 3½Shirley & Wythall 2Week 24th Feb 202019:30Frank Terrill Trophy OV
Mutual Circle 26 - 0Solihull 2Week 24th Feb 202019:30Frank Terrill Trophy OU
Warley Quinborne 5 ½ - 6Coleshill 4Week 24th Feb 202019:30Dudley Townshend TrophyOV
Olton 51½ - 4½Redditch 5Week 24th Feb 202019:15Jim Barrington PlateOU
Kynoch 6A2½ - 3½Greenlands 6AWeek 24th Feb 202019:15Jim Barrington PlateOV
Stourbridge 46 - ½Solihull 5Week 24th Feb 202019:30Dudley Townshend TrophyOU
University of Birmingham4½ - 1½WestminsterTue 25th Feb 202019:00Division FiveOV
Halesowen3½ - 2½Shirley & WythallTue 25th Feb 202019:30Division FourOU
Olton2 - 4SolihullTue 25th Feb 202019:15Division ThreeOU
Solihull2½ - 3½Sutton ColdfieldWed 26th Feb 202019:30Division OneOU
Lichfield1 - 5Warley QuinborneThu 27th Feb 202019:30Division OneOV
Lichfield4½ - 1½Shirley & WythallThu 27th Feb 202019:30Division ThreeOV
Sutton Coldfield 24½ - 4South Birmingham 1AThu 27th Feb 202019:30Gerald Homer PlateOV
South Birmingham2 - 4BushburyMon 2nd Mar 202019:30Division FiveOV
Sutton Coldfield4 - 2WolverhamptonMon 2nd Mar 202019:30Division OneOV
Kynoch B1½ - 2½Greenlands BMon 2nd Mar 202019:15Division SixOV
St Georges 3 - 1Coleshill BMon 2nd Mar 202019:15Division SixOU
Sutton Coldfield1½ - 4½SolihullMon 2nd Mar 202019:30Division TwoOU
West Bromwich3 - 3StourbridgeMon 2nd Mar 202019:30Division TwoOV
Halesowen1½ - 4½RedditchTue 3rd Mar 202019:30Division FiveOV
Mutual Circle3½ - 2½OscottTue 3rd Mar 202019:30Division FiveOV
Olton1½ - 4½LichfieldTue 3rd Mar 202019:15Division FiveOU
Greenlands3 - 3SolihullTue 3rd Mar 202019:30Division FourOV
Greenlands A4 - 0Ward End SocialTue 3rd Mar 202019:30Division SixOV
Mutual Circle4½ - 1½Shirley & WythallTue 3rd Mar 202019:30Division TwoOV
University of Birmingham3½ - 2½OltonTue 3rd Mar 202019:00Division TwoOU
Solihull3½ - 2½Warley QuinborneWed 4th Mar 202019:30Division FiveOU
South Birmingham2½ - 3½Sutton ColdfieldWed 4th Mar 202019:30Division FourOV
Bushbury2½ - 3½South Birmingham CWed 4th Mar 202019:30Division OneOU
South Birmingham A3 - 3Shirley & WythallWed 4th Mar 202019:30Division OneOV
Solihull5 - 1RedditchWed 4th Mar 202019:30Division ThreeOU
Westminster ½ - 2½Sutton ColdfieldWed 4th Mar 202019:30Minor DivisionOV
Shirley & Wythall1½ - 4½ColeshillThu 5th Mar 202019:30Division FourOV
Walsall Kipping1 - 3RushallThu 5th Mar 202019:30Division SixOU
Lichfield2½ - 3½HalesowenThu 5th Mar 202019:30Division TwoOU
Sutton Coldfield5 - 1University of BirminghamMon 9th Mar 202019:30Division FiveOU
Kynoch1 - 5StourbridgeMon 9th Mar 202019:15Division FourOV
Rushall2 - 4Wolverhampton Mon 9th Mar 202019:15Division ThreeOU
Halesowen2½ - 3½MerciaTue 10th Mar 202019:30Division FourOU
Redditch6 - 0University of BirminghamTue 10th Mar 202019:30Division TwoOU
Coleshill A3½ - ½SolihullWed 11th Mar 202019:30Division SixOV
Solihull4 - 2OscottWed 11th Mar 202019:30Division TwoOV
Walsall Kipping3½ - 2½OscottThu 12th Mar 202019:30Division FourOU
Shirley & Wythall2½ - 3½South Birmingham BThu 12th Mar 202019:30Division OneOV
Shirley & Wythall5 - 1Warley QuinborneThu 12th Mar 202019:30Division ThreeOU
Sutton Coldfield0 - 0OltonMon 16th Mar 202019:30Division FiveOU
Oscott0 - 0KynochMon 16th Mar 202019:30Division FourOU
Warley Quinborne0 - 0South Birmingham CMon 16th Mar 202019:30Division OneOU
Kynoch A0 - 0Greenlands AMon 16th Mar 202019:15Division SixOU
University of Birmingham0 - 0BushburyTue 17th Mar 202019:00Division FiveOU
Halesowen0 - 0ColeshillTue 17th Mar 202019:30Division FourOU
Mercia0 - 0GreenlandsTue 17th Mar 202019:30Division FourOU
Halesowen0 - 0OltonTue 17th Mar 202019:30Division OneOU
Olton0 - 0RushallTue 17th Mar 202019:15Division ThreeOU
Redditch0 - 0Mutual CircleTue 17th Mar 202019:30Division ThreeOU
Oscott0 - 0South BirminghamWed 18th Mar 202019:30Division FiveOU
Solihull0 - 0KynochWed 18th Mar 202019:30Division FourOU
Bushbury0 - 0South Birmingham AWed 18th Mar 202019:30Division OneOU
Coleshill A0 - 0St Georges Wed 18th Mar 202019:30Division SixOU
Westminster0 - 0Shirley & WythallWed 18th Mar 202019:30Division ThreeOU
Oscott0 - 0LichfieldWed 18th Mar 202019:30Division TwoOU
Solihull0 - 0OltonWed 18th Mar 202019:30Division TwoOU
Solihull B0 - 0Mutual CircleWed 18th Mar 202019:30Minor DivisionOU
Halesowen0 - 0Mutual CircleThu 19th Mar 202019:30Division FiveOU
Lichfield0 - 0SolihullThu 19th Mar 202019:30Division FiveOU
Warley Quinborne0 - 0University of BirminghamThu 19th Mar 202019:30Division FiveOU
Shirley & Wythall0 - 0West BromwichThu 19th Mar 202019:30Division TwoOU
Sutton Coldfield0 - 0Shirley & WythallMon 23rd Mar 202019:30Division FourOU
South Birmingham B0 - 0BushburyMon 23rd Mar 202019:30Division OneOU
Warley Quinborne0 - 0SolihullMon 23rd Mar 202019:30Division ThreeOU
Redditch0 - 0South BirminghamTue 24th Mar 202019:30Division FiveOU
Greenlands0 - 0South BirminghamTue 24th Mar 202019:30Division FourOU
Redditch0 - 0South Birmingham ATue 24th Mar 202019:30Division ThreeOU
Halesowen0 - 0Mutual CircleTue 24th Mar 202019:30Division TwoOU
University of Birmingham0 - 0OscottTue 24th Mar 202019:00Division TwoOU
Solihull0 - 0University of BirminghamWed 25th Mar 202019:30Division FiveOU
Bushbury0 - 0HalesowenWed 25th Mar 202019:30Division FiveOU
Westminster0 - 0Mutual CircleWed 25th Mar 202019:30Division FiveOU
Solihull0 - 0OscottWed 25th Mar 202019:30Division FourOU
South Birmingham C0 - 0Walsall KippingWed 25th Mar 202019:30Division OneOU
Coleshill B0 - 0Walsall KippingWed 25th Mar 202019:30Division SixOU
West Midlands Police0 - 0Kynoch AWed 25th Mar 202019:15Division SixOU
Stourbridge0 - 0SolihullWed 25th Mar 202019:30Division TwoOU
Wolverhampton0 - 0LichfieldThu 26th Mar 202019:30Division OneOU
Shirley & Wythall0 - 0GreenlandsMon 30th Mar 202019:30Division FourOU
Ward End Social0 - 0Kynoch AMon 30th Mar 202019:30Division SixOU
Halesowen0 - 0LichfieldTue 31st Mar 202019:30Division OneOU
Greenlands A0 - 0Kynoch BTue 31st Mar 202019:30Division SixOU
Mutual Circle0 - 0OltonTue 31st Mar 202019:30Division ThreeOU
Coleshill0 - 0Walsall KippingWed 1st Apr 202019:30Division FourOU
Wolverhampton 0 - 0LichfieldWed 1st Apr 202019:30Division ThreeOU
Walsall Kipping0 - 0South Birmingham BThu 2nd Apr 202019:30Division OneOU
Lichfield0 - 0Sutton ColdfieldThu 2nd Apr 202019:30Division TwoOU
Sutton Coldfield0 - 0KynochMon 6th Apr 202019:30Division FourOU
Sutton Coldfield0 - 0Shirley & WythallMon 6th Apr 202019:30Division OneOU
Warley Quinborne0 - 0WolverhamptonMon 6th Apr 202019:30Division OneOU
Sutton Coldfield0 - 0Solihull BMon 6th Apr 202019:30Minor DivisionOU
Mutual Circle0 - 0South BirminghamTue 7th Apr 202019:30Division FiveOU
Mutual Circle0 - 0OltonTue 7th Apr 202019:30Division TwoOU
Lichfield0 - 0BushburyThu 9th Apr 202019:30Division OneOU
Walsall Kipping0 - 0Coleshill AThu 9th Apr 202019:30Division SixOU
Oscott0 - 0OltonWed 15th Apr 202019:30Division FiveOU
Ward End Social0 - 0West Midlands PoliceWed 15th Apr 202019:30Division SixOU
Wolverhampton 0 - 0Mutual CircleWed 15th Apr 202019:30Division ThreeOU
Shirley & Wythall0 - 0OscottThu 16th Apr 202019:30Division TwoOU
Rushall0 - 0Ward End SocialMon 20th Apr 202019:15Division SixOU
Mutual Circle0 - 0Solihull BTue 21st Apr 202019:30Minor DivisionOU
South Birmingham A0 - 0Warley QuinborneWed 22nd Apr 202019:30Division ThreeOU
Westminster0 - 0Wolverhampton Wed 22nd Apr 202019:30Division ThreeOU
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